Our talented team of international chefs prepare fresh homemade delicious dishes, including bar snacks, shared platters and superb daily 1, 2, or 3 course specials. Whether you’re dining for 2 or 22 you’re sure of a tasty homemade meal here at Wayne’s.

Kitchen open 7 days a week. Non-stop service 12pm-11pm. Breakfast & Brunch served on the weekends 10am-1pm

Chips & Dips 6.00€
Tortilla chips with salsa & homemade guacamole

Cajun Chicken Dippers 8.50€
Crispy chicken breast pieces, marinated in Cajun spices, served with Cajun mayoe

Spicy Chicken Dippers 9.50€
Crispy chicken breast pieces, marinated in spices

Chicken Wings 8.50€
With BBQ sauce

Spicy Wings 9.50€

Homemade Mozzarella Sticks 8.50€
Homemade mozzarella sticks on a bed of rocket with a sweet chilli sauce

Nachos 12.50€
A plate of tortilla chips with beef chilli, melted cheese, jalapeños, sour cream, salsa & guacamole

Ham and Cheddar Toastie 12.50€
Cooked ham and cheddar served with homemade chips & coleslawe

Vegetarian Toastie 12.50€

Tandoori Chicken Wrap 12.50€

Niçoise House Salad 12.50€

Warm goat cheese salad 12.50€

Chicken Caesar Salad 12.50€

Classic Burger 6.20€
Beef patty

Classic Cheese Burger 6.80€
Beef patty with cheese

House Burger 7.50€
Beef patty with bacon & cheese

Bacon & Egg Burger 9.00€
Beef patty with a fried egg, bacon & cheese

King Size Burger 10.50€
Two beef patties, bacon & cheese

The Big H 10.50€
prime homemade beef patty with aged cheddar, smoked bacon, homemade
relish & garlic mayo

The Wellington 10.50€
Prime homemade beef patty with mushroom, caramelised onions and
horseradish saucee

Chicken , Avocado & Bacon 10.50€
Succulent breaded chicken breast with avocado, smoked bacon & garlic mayo

Chicken, Brie & Cranberry 10.50€
Succulent breaded chicken breast with melted brie and cranberry sauce

Vegetarian Burgern 10.50€
Mixed vegetable patty with grilled aubergine and a choice of melted brie, goats cheese or mozzarella

The Fish Burger 10.50€
Market fresh fish with home made tartare sauce and iceberg lettuce

Homemade Beef Chilli 12.50€
Spicy beef chilli with beans, sour cream, cheese and guacamole

Barbecue Ribs 14.50€
Rack of pork ribs with homemade BBQ sauce

Nachos Chicken Deluxe 14.50€
pieces of chicken breast in a spicy cream sauce, served with rice, nachos, sour cream & guacamole

Traditional Fish & Chips 16.50€
Deep fried cod in beer batter, served with homemade chips, mushy peas &
tartare sauce

Entrecote Steak 19.50€
Panfried to your taste and served with mixed salad, onion rings and mushrooms

Pepper sauce 2.50€

Fries 4.00€

Homemade chips 5.00€

Homemade onion rings 5.00€

Green salad 3.00€

Mixed salad 4.00€

Coleslaw 4.00€

Sweet chilli sauce 2.00€

Cajun mayonnaise 2.00€

Homemade guacamole 3.50€

Homemade hot sauce 2.00€

Garlic Mayonnaise 2.00€

Homemade Relish 2.00€

Eggs 7.50€
Two poached or fried eggs, served with bacon or smoked salmon on a slice of

Traditional English Breakfast 12.50€
An English breakfast with sausages, smoked bacon, mushrooms, grilled tomato,
fried eggs, baked beans and toast

Merla Breakfast 9.50€
Sausages, fried eggs, french fries & baked beans

Breakfast Baguette 9.50€
Filled with sausages, smoked bacon & fried eggs

Demi Breakfast 8.50€
Half sized traditional english breakfast

Apple Pie 7.50€
An all-American deep apple pie, served with custard & vanilla ice creame

Chocolate Fondant 7.50€
Served with whipped cream & vanilla ice cream

Pavlova 7.50€
Served with custard & vanilla ice cream

Gelato by OUI JELATO 6.00€
3 scoops of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry


04 93 13 06 42 / 04 93 13 46 99 –

Ouvert : Lun – Dim 10h-2h

15 Rue de la Préfecture,
06300 Nice, France

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Données cartographiquesDonnées cartographiques ©2017 Google
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A typical english cuisine at the Wayne's bar restaurant, Nice old town